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Genre: Console RPG
Platform: Nintendo Entertainment System
Release: 1990
Publisher: Square
Reviewer: Nahbien

Overview- 4 light warriors show up as the world starts to decay. They all have an unlit orb, and a drive to save the world. Like pretty much all the Final Fantasy's, this one you have to save the girl and the world too. xbox games 1857 1752 copy xbox games 361 341 copying xbox games 232 219 how to copy xbox games 132 125 burning xbox games 128 121 download xbox games 122 115 cheat codes for xbox games 118 111 cheap xbox games 115 109 burn xbox games 109 103 new xbox games 92 87 used xbox games 76 72 how to burn xbox games 65 61 cheats for xbox games 53 50 xbox games backups 53 50 free xbox games 52 49

FF1 Review

You are on a mission to save the world. In Final Fantasy, you first rescue a princess on your journey to stop the world from decaying. Going to battle the 4 fiends to relight your orbs is the only way to stop Chaos from ravaging your world. Other than that right there, Final Fantasy doesn't have much story background to it. The characters all have no background information, and no reason is given on why you want to save the world. There are little tidbits of story here and there, but you must remember this game is from the NES, where most games were very basic and did not have much story to them.

SCORE: 5/10
Final Fantasy uses sprite based graphics. Looking at them today you can see their age, but looking at them from a time point when the NES was first released and it has pretty decent graphics. There are 6 different classes who all have upgrades with different sprites. There are many different classes of creatures, all whom have a unique graphic. I will base my score for this game with a mindset of when it was released.

SCORE: 7/10
Final Fantasy has very basic music, again like many NES games. Nothing really stands out as must here, but the battle theme is very nice for a NES game. Which is good, as in most RPGs you'll be hearing it, many, many times.

SCORE: 6/10
Final Fantasy plays very nicely. It has a different magic system than most people are used to from RPGs today. Each spell rank has a limited amount of charges, unlike Mana Point based games today. You have the basic RPG elements of gaining new weapons and armor for your characters, as well as spells. And of course no RPG would be complete without level ups. Replayability is high for a old game like this, as you can play it over and over, using any 4 characters from a possible total of 6 (you can have repeats if you want), making for many, many party combinations.

SCORE: 9/10
Fun Factor:
If you like RPGs, then you'll like Final Fantasy. It's a classic from the past, but I still remember how to go through the entire game like when I was a child. I played it over and over, and I believe it has a lot of fun factor.

SCORE: 9/10
Overall this game is worth playing if you like RPGs. Pick it up on cartridge, or ROM.




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