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The Xbox was initially developed within Microsoft by a small crew including Seamus Blackley, a game developer and high energy physicist.

While some critics were initially concerned that the Xbox would allow Microsoft to extend its dominance of the PC software market to consoles, as of February 2005 estimates show the Xbox's share of the worldwide console market is only comparable to the Nintendo GameCube and far behind the PlayStation 2. The Xbox has not sold well in Japan, due to the Japanese people's poor acceptance of non-Japanese consoles, limited Japanese developer support, few game choices and the large size of the hardware itself. In much of Europe, the Xbox is currently slightly ahead of the GameCube, but is still far behind the PlayStation 2. Microsoft predicted that it would not make a profit on the Xbox for at least three years and that turned out to be correct; the division had its first profitable quarter in 2005.

In November 2002, Microsoft released the successful Xbox Live online gaming service, allowing subscribers to play online Xbox games with (or against) other subscribers all around the world and download new content for their games to the hard drive. This online service only works with broadband. The milestone of 1 million subscribers was announced in July 2004.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Halo 2 Multiplayer Map Pack
Halo 2
Medal of Honor: European Assault
Destroy All Humans!
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords
Batman Begins
Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith
Advent Rising
Forza Motorsport

Several internal hardware revisions have been made to discourage modding, cut manufacturing costs, and to provide a more reliable DVD-ROM drive (the early units' drives were prone to failure). xbox cheat codes 1541 1454 cheat codes for xbox 275 259 cheat codes for xbox games 118 111 cheat codes xbox 93 88 free xbox cheat codes 43 41 midnight club 2 cheat codes for xbox 29 27 xbox halo cheat codes 21 20 max payne cheat codes for xbox 20 19 cheat codes for midnight club 2 for xbox 19 18 xbox game cheat codes 18 17 xbox midnight club 2 cheat codes 17 16 cheat codes for the xbox 16 15 espn hockey + cheat codes + xbox 16 15 gauntlet xbox cheat codes 16 15 cheat codes for sega gt 2002 xbox 15 14 xbox cheats 747

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