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Star X is a cool 3D space action game much like STAR FOX. The graphics are better that StartFox on SNES but not as good as on N64 ;) You are a last surviving pilot of a diplomatic mission that was sent to meet a new alien race. You didn't have a warm welcoming so now you got to get back home and worn your people... Not too original "Your here to save the world! Again" kind of stuff. Well you get to see a nice little ingame scene at the start that reminded me of good old Wing Commander. The Bad guys look like they could be rated to Wing Commandeer series ;) Game play is the same as StarFox - some levels you are free to fly around some you have a direction you have to fly in and you cant change that, but because there is so much action you don't notice the fact that you don't have as much freedom as you would have in a Flight Simulator game. There is a good variation in levels and I think I will play this game for some time. And because so far this is the only 3D space shooter we have it is also the best. I hope we get some more games like this and better!

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Advance Wars is as brilliant as they come on the Game Boy Advance. The game isn't this action-packed button-mashing thumb-buster on the system, but Advance Wars is incredibly intense and amazingly addictive...especially when you learn every little nuance of the game design. Single player mode is a challenge in itself, but when you get another player (or three) into the battlefield, that's when you see just how versatile the game design really is. I hesitated giving this game a perfect 10, and decided to knock a single tenth of a point simply due to a problem in the link cable mode.

Since it's turn-based, the players who are not involved sit and watch the player in charge making his move -- it would have been extremely helpful to add a function to let these players check on their troops during the move...especially when enemy forces are moving into their territory.

In single player mode, the computer AI moves so fast that you wouldn't have much time to check your stats anyway...but when you're sitting idle after a turn, your mind should be working strategically, and to not have the ability to see your troops' status is a bit annoying. But that's really the only true complaint I can make about the game.

Advance Wars is an absolutely brilliant design, and a title that absolutely deserves a place in your Game Boy Advance collection. It will be amazing to see this series continue in the states, simply because the design is near perfect as it is. What could they possibly do to the game to make it better?

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