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is a video game console of the 32-bit era, first produced by Sony Computer Entertainment in the 1990s. The original PlayStation was the first of the PlayStation series of console and hand-held game devices, which has included successor machines including the PSone, PlayStation 2, PlayStation Portable, and the forthcoming PlayStation 3.

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The PlayStation 2 (PS2) is Sony's second video game console, after the PlayStation. Its development was announced in April 1999, and it was first released in Japan on March 4th 2000. The US version was released in the United States on October 26th 2000. Following a slow first year, the PlayStation 2 has grown to become the most popular gaming console of the sixth generation era, with over 90 million units sold ps2 game reviews 563 531 ps2 brennen 439 414 playstation 2 cheats 6857 6470 playstation cheats 5752 5427 playstation 2 3754 3542 playstation 2755 2600 playstation 3

The PlayStation brand's strength has lead to strong third-party support for the system. Among the perceived killer apps on the machine are the Grand Theft Auto and Final Fantasy series, the latest two Metal Gear titles, all three Devil May Cry titles, lastest two Ace Combat titles, and first-party Sony Computer Entertainment brands such as the Gran Turismo, SOCOM, Ratchet & Clank and Jak and Daxter series, Ico and God of War. 2280 2151 playstation cheat codes 2256 2129 playstation emulator 1844 1740 playstation roms 1655 1562 playstation 2 cheat codes 1617 1526 playstation 2 games playstation 2 codes cheats 1523 1437 playstation 2 codes 1495 1411 playstation games 1173 1107 playstation game cheats 1164 1098 playstation codes 1055 995

ePSXe is a proprietary emulator of the PlayStation video game console. EPSXe is freeware currently available for download.

As with most modern-day emulators, ePSXe requires use of a plugin for graphics, sound, and CD drive (depending on operating system) to function, a requirement first established with PSEmu/PSEmuPro. ePSXe also requires the use of a BIOS file dumped from a PlayStation. This produces a legal problem, as it is illegal to download the BIOS. Technically, the only legal way to use ePSXe is to dump the BIOS from a PS1 yourself.

ePSXe can run from CD and many types of CD images directly from the user's harddrive. With few exceptions, it is capable of flawlessly emulating many Playstation games.


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