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Freeloader Advance Pack: includes Gameboy Player (Spice Orange) Freeloader Advance Pack: includes Gameboy Player

The Gamecube Freeloader turns your Gamecube machine into a multi norm unit. Finally you can play any kind of import game (JAP/USA/PAL) on any Gamecube machine (JAP/USA/PAL). You don't need to open your Gamecube for modification, don't need to worry about warranty problems and can expand your game selection by hundreds of new games.

  • Freeloader 1.06B bundled with Gameboy Player (Spice Orange)
  • With FreeLoader you can launch and play import GameCube games without modifying your console.
  • Compatible with all Gamecube machines (PAL/USA/JAP)
  • Play USA/JAP games on a PAL Gamecube machine
  • Play JAP/PAL games on a US Gamecube machine
  • Play USA/PAL games on a JAP Gamecube machine
  • Works with both single and multi-disc games! Version 1.06B

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