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GBA Protection Shell GBA Protection Shell
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TV Tuner (NTSC version) (for GBA) TV Tuner (NTSC version) (for GBA)
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With the GBA TV Tuner you can now watch your local TV program on your GBA screen. Watch your favourite program on the beach during your holiday, on the way to work, in the bus or whereever you like. You can store up to 99 channels with this tuner and further connect any AV device such as a DVD player, game console or else to the GBA screen!

GBA Replacement Lens GBA Replacement Lens
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Gameboy Advance Roms

Gameboy advance roms sometimes also called gameboy roms or GBA romz. Gameboy Advanced Roms are backup gameboy games that have been stored on PC or flash card. The name comes from the fact that Nintendo uses Read Only Media in their cartridges, and so the data that has been backuped from this ROM Chip is called gameboy advance ROM. GBA SP games and so also roms are exactly the same as gameboy advance or GB micro roms. All of them can uses the same gameboy emulatorand cheats. Also cheats for color advance sp and micro emulator. GameCube Roms and Nintendo Wii iso GC games

Campho Advance Campho Advance
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The Campho Advance turns the system into a videophone. It plugs into the cartridge slot of the GBA, and you can make calls over the phone line. If the person on the other side of the phone call also has a Campho Advance, the GBA will display live video along with the call. The other side of the line will be in the center of the screen, while the caller’s own image will be displayed on the lower corner.

  • For Gameboy Advance and Gameboy Advance SP
  • Officially licensed by Nintendo
  • Connects to standard analogue phone lines, so it works worldwide
  • 110,000 pixels resolution, 7 to 10 frames per second

MP3 Advanced Music Player for GBA/GBA SP MP3 Advanced Music Player for GBA/GBA SP
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Datel's Advanced Music Players lets you download MP3 files to your Gameboy Advance via a USB cable. The player itself features a graphical user interface and can store up to 64MBytes of MP3 files. The Advanced Music Player is more a toy for the Gameboy Advance fan than a real serious MP3 player, due to the missing features and the limited playback quality.

Gameboy Player for GameCube (Spice Orange) Gameboy Player for GameCube
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The Game Boy Player is a device for the GameCube console that enables gamers to play the whole library of Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance games on the console, using a GameCube controller or a GBA system plugged into the control port to control the on-screen action.

  • Allows to change aspect ratio of screen
  • Zoom mode to increase the picture quality
  • Filter mode to increase the picture quality
  • Presets can be saved
  • Controller buttons are configurable
  • Timer function
  • Plays Gameboy games
  • Plays Gameboy Color games
  • Plays Gameboy Advance games
  • The unit works on Japanese GameCube systems, or modified ones
  • Compatible with PAL and US Gamecubes when used with the Freeloader or Action Replay

GBA Accessories Fire-Weapon Pack 16in1 GBA Accessories Fire-Weapon Pack 16in1
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The GBA Accessories Fire-Weapon Pack 16in1 includes all accessories you need for your GBA handheld in one single package. Check the what's in the box list for details. Transparent Bag + Magnify & Stick + Protective Lens + Handy Strip + 4-player link cable + Power Supply Convertor + Hand Grip Rubber + Cartridge Case (3pcs) + Rechargeable battery pack + Power Supply (220V) + Car Adapter + Light (with link port) + Radio adapter + Mini Stick Set (3pcs)

GBA Music Recorder MP3 GBA Music Recorder MP3
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The Kemco Music Recorder MP3 is not only an MP3 player for the Gameboy Advance, it also allows you to record your own stuff as well as mix it together with pre-recorded Music. It can also be used on it's own, so you don't have to take the Gameboy Advance with you, if you actually only want to use it for "plain" MP3 playing. It has five buttons which allows controlling of the unit without a GBA. A red light indicates activity at the unit if no GBA is used.

The unit has a few special functions related to Karaoke. For instance you can remove voices in existing songs so that you can try to sing the song yourself. Recording of your voice together with the song is possible ;)

GBA to TV-Screen Transverter <b>Full Compatibility</b> GBA to TV-Screen Transverter NTSC & PAL
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This peripheral will enable gamers to play their Game Boy Advance up on any television with A/V inputs. The unit, known as the TV de Advance, consists of a cable that will plug into the GBA, and will route the video and audio signal to the standard RCA A/V ports on the other end.

  • Connects your Gameboy Advance to the TV
  • This is not an official Nintendo product
  • Listen to the high quality PCM sound via your home stereo
  • S-Video or standard RCA AV output
  • Does not require soldering
  • Opening of the GBA console is required
  • Includes a custom made back cover for the GBA
  • Compatible with both PAL & NTSC, and both 32pin & 40pin consoles

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