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Gameboy Advance SP

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The Game Boy Advance SP, released in March, 2003, is an upgrade to Nintendo's Game Boy Advance. The "SP" stands for "Special"—not "Special Project" as some assume.
Improvements over the original Game Boy Advance include an internal frontlight, a rechargeable lithium ion battery and a clamshell design. The GBA SP is approximately half the width of the GBA when closed and roughly the height of Nintendo's Game Boy Color when open. The clamshell design also protects the screen from scratches and dust. Due to form factor limitations, Nintendo removed the headphone jack, which had been included on all previous Game Boy models. Headphones can only be attached with an optional adapter that plugs into the same port as the charger/AC adapter. It can be found at Nintendo's North American Online Store, and is available for purchase in brick and mortar stores in Japan and Europe.

The battery is similar to that of most mobile phones and lasts approximately 18 hours with the light off and 10 hours with it on.

Freeloader Advance Pack: includes Gameboy Player (Spice Orange) Freeloader Advance Pack: includes Gameboy Player

The Gamecube Freeloader turns your Gamecube machine into a multi norm unit. Finally you can play any kind of import game (JAP/USA/PAL) on any Gamecube machine (JAP/USA/PAL). You don't need to open your Gamecube for modification, don't need to worry about warranty problems and can expand your game selection by hundreds of new games. Freeloader 1.06B bundled with Gameboy Player (Spice Orange)

With FreeLoader you can launch and play import GameCube games without modifying your console. Compatible with all Gamecube machines (PAL/USA/JAP) Play USA/JAP games on a PAL Gamecube machine. Play JAP/PAL games on a US Gamecube machine. Play USA/PAL games on a JAP Gamecube machine. Works with both single and multi-disc games! Version 1.06B

GBA Afterburner Pack SP^2 (Purple) GBA Afterburner Pack SP^2 (Purple)

This Set includes: - The Afterburner Kit, famous frontlight solution for Gameboy Advance from - A GBA Opening Tool to fit with your special size console screws. - Our Afterburner Front case in the colour of your choice. The Afterburner case is specifically made for the Afterburner kit with preinstalled dimmer switch for a professfional modification, and prefit for the Afterburner Light (you don't need to cut out any parts of your GBA handheld anymore) - The Afterburner Dimmer Chip v2 to let you Use the select + A/B button to regulate the internal light. The dark ages are over, let the Light be! Click here to see a video. GameCube Roms and Nintendo Wii iso GC games

A full color manual is included with the Afterburner kit that will outline the steps necessary to perform this modification in clear and simple terms. This modification requires the usage of a soldering device, and a small amount of plastic will have to be cut from the inner casing of the system to make room for the light (this is not visible from the outside of the system).

You will need the following items to perform the installation (these are not included with the kit):
1. A soldering iron/gun
2. Solder
3. Wire Strippers

Gameboy advance sp accessories 53 50 gameboy advance sp black silver gold pink. GBA sp emulator nintendo DS gameboy cheap gameboy advance sp.

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