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Gameboy Advance SP Gold Toys Gameboy Advance SP Gold Toys "R" Us Edition

GBA SP Stereo Speaker (Black) GBA SP Stereo Speaker (Black)

GBA SP Replacement battery pack GBA SP Replacement battery pack

Headphone Adapter Cable for GBA SP (Third Party) Headphone Adapter Cable for GBA SP (Third Party)

Gameboy Advance SP Accessories

Buy best GBA SP Accessories Online

Store selling gameboy advance accessories with a discount. Buy color pelican uk video parts ninetendo gameboy advance sp accessories

Action Replay / GameShark (for GBA) Action Replay / GameShark (for GBA)

Interact's Original Action Replay / Gameshark for Gameboy Advance collected in huge quantities! Made by Datel for Interact in the times these guys were still distributing the UK peripherals manufacturer's Action Replay range under the Gameshark brand name. Own a piece of history for only US$ 9.99, a bargain compared to the usual SRP of US$ 39.99 this baby used to sell. Compatible with all the codes you can find on the Internet or in magazines, and compatible with all competing cheat-code cartridges. Furthermore, it has been tested successfully with the brand new Gameboy Advance SP console (see pictures gallery for evidence!

Wireless Audio&Video Displayer for GBA SP Wireless Audio&Video Displayer for GBA SP

Convert your Gameboy Advance SP console into a Wireless monitor to which you can virtually hook up anything want. From DVD players to the Television, including all home entertainment systems or multimedia platforms, everything can just plug into your GBA SP with this peripheral.

Coming with a sender and a receiver, this device is operational to transmit signal flawlessly in a range of 50 meters.

Furthermore, the Wireless Audio&Video Displayer for Gameboy Advance SP can act as receiver/relay for a signal and send it to a television set. Useful gadget to display the same DVD movie from one player and on two TV sets for example.

  • Converts your Gameboy Advance SP into a Wireless Monitor
  • AV in/out
  • Operational for signal reception within 50 meters of range
  • Can relay a signal to other monitors and television sets
  • Built-in Stereo Speakers
  • Earphone / Speaker Jack OUT
  • Volume Control - Brightness, Color, Contrast control
  • Receiving Frequency: 2.40 GHz – Intermediate Frequency: 479.5 MHz
  • Connect any AV device such as DVD players or game console to the TV tuner, making your SP your portable monitor
  • Worldwide Compatibility

Mini Camera for GBA and GBA SP Mini Camera for GBA and GBA SP

With the GBA SP Mini Camera you can transform your Gameboy Advance SP handheld into a digital camera. The 8MB built-in flash memory allows you to store up to 26 pictures (with resolution 640x480 pixel), which can be reviewed and later downloaded to your PC via the included USB cable.

GBA SP Zip-Around Console Protective Bag (Silver) GBA SP Zip-Around Console Protective Bag (Silver)

Protect your valuable GameBoy Advance SP console from dust, dirt or any damage during transport as well as storage. Cool Zip-Around design. Strap included. Features : Holds the GameBoy Advance SP console, Protect your console from dust & dirt, Only for GBA SP consoles

gbaSKIN: orangeskull gbaSKIN: orangeskull

The gbaSKIN is a thin vinyl film backed with a removable adhesive and printed with your choice of cool designs. Each skin is laser cut to fit your gameboy perfectly.
Simply peel the gbaSKIN from the protective backing and apply it to the front of your gameboy. The special low-tack adhesive allows the gbaSKIN to be removed without harming the surface of your gameboy. You can then re-apply the gbaSKIN at any time. It's also completely waterproof and washable!
The gbaSKIN fits your gameboy like a second skin. The feel and play of your gameboy is unaffected, and the satin finish reduces glare from external lights.

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