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Find cheat codes for Nintendo Game Cube GC

The GameCube was widely anticipated by many who were shocked by Nintendo's decision to design the Nintendo 64 as a cartridge-based system. Physically shaped similar to a geometric cube, the outside casing of the Nintendo GameCube comes in a variety of colors, such as, indigo, platinum, and black (also a limited edition Resident Evil 4 platinum and black game console).

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In Japan, the system is also available in orange, or in limited edition colors like Crystal White, Mint Green, Copper, and White with black pinstripes. The Nintendo GameCube uses a unique storage medium, a proprietary format based on Matsushita's optical-disc technology; the discs are approximately 8 centimeters (3 1/8 inches) in diameter (considerably smaller than a standard CD or DVD), and the discs have a capacity of approximately 1.5 gigabytes. gamecube cheat codes 419 395 cheat codes for gamecube 97 92 burnout cheat codes for gamecube 20 19 cheat codes gamecube 19 18 game cheat codes for gamecube 14 13 cheat codes for lord of the rings two towers on gamecube 13 12 nintendo gamecube cheat codes 13 12 cheat codes for spiderman for gamecube 12 11  The Nintendo GameCube does not have any DVD-movie support, but a Nintendo GameCube hybrid product containing movie functionality has been released by Panasonic in Japan, named "DVD/GAME Player Q."

The GameCube system also has the unique capability to connect to Nintendo's portable system Game Boy Advance or its SP variant. Such a connection between the two systems allows the transfer of game data. Examples of this functionality include the use of the Game Boy Advance as a controller for the game played. Subsequent information related to game play may be displayed on the Game Boy Advance's color screen for added convenience or to avoid the cluttering of the display on the television screen. This functionality has also been used to unlock "secrets" such as new levels or characters when two games, a Game Boy Advance game and its GameCube equivalent, are connected together. Up to four Game Boy Advance systems can be connected to the GameCube through the GameCube's four controller ports for multiplayer play. mortal kombat deadly alliance cheat codes for gamecube 11 10 cheat codes for nintendo gamecube 10 9 cheat codes for gamecube games 9 8 cheat codes gamecube animal crossing 9 8 madden 2003 cheat codes for nintendo gamecube 7 7 free gamecube cheat codes 6 6 gamecube cheat codes frogger 6 6 A special Nintendo GameCube to Game Boy Advance connection cable is required for each Game Boy Advance system that is to be connected to the GameCube. A fair variety of GameCube games implement this innovative functionality, while Nintendo encourages its continued use.

Despite the protection of a non-standard disc format (essentially a miniature DVD-ROM with non-standard sector and filesystem formatting), a modchip has been released that allows the use of a standard DVD-ROM with a GameCube, to load backed-up, homebrew or pirate software. However, it does not work very well, and no commercial GameCube games have been able to be run on a pirate disc.

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