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You must have heard about file sharing applications - so called Peer-to-Peer software (P2P). Now the most popular of this programs from the underworld of the net is KaZaA. But there was a problem with the original version of the K - it displayed banner ads in software and what is even worth installed additional software that helped it gather information about the users.

As this was unacceptable there were 3rd party programmers who made an improved version of the soft called Kazaa-Lite or K++ that while retraining all the good features of the original added some hacks plus removed all the unwanted ads ands spy ware!

Download / install Kazaa-Lite (K-Lite) from here and you will be able to get:
[ scroll down and download Kazaa Lite K++ ]

  • Unlimited down and uploads of MP3 and Movies. You are not forced to share files to be able to join the network
  • Free game downloads. Free pc game downloads. Also Mac and Linux full version games. Free Computer palm mario racing Card monopoly adventure game downloads
  • Emulators & Video Game romz

    - SNES roms 20736 + super nes emulator
    - GBA roms 10085 + gameboy advance emu
    - NES roms 9124 + pocketnes emulator for gba
    - N64 roms 5876 + UltraHLE SupraHLE PJ64
    - MAME roms 3509 + Multiple Arcade Machine Emul
    - Gameboy Advance Roms 2902 + GBAemu
    - Genesis roms 2701 + SEGA Master System and Game Gear
    - SEGA genesis roms 2643 Sega Mega Drive Emulator
    - GameBoy roms 2333 GB Color GBC and Virtual Boy
    - Sega roms 2324 + Saturn DreamCast DC
    - Free Snes roms 2150 + super nintendo rom files
    - Nintendo 64 roms 1815 + Ultra64 and N64
    - Pokemon roms 1780 + Sapphire Ruby Crystal Green.
    - Dragonball Z DBZ Final Fantasy Tactics Advance and so on!
So what should do is install the K-LITE and share some of your files (or don't) The files that you download will be put in a directory that will be accessible to the rest of the people in the network. Usual ~3 million of users are connected at the same moment so you can find practically anything!

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