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Register Expiring Domain Names

This is for all you people who haven't read the small print when registering a domain name or haven't had the time to research the topic. Especially important to individuals who:

  1. Own a domain that soon will expire
  2. Anyone looking for a good domain name
  3. Someone who wants to make a living re-selling domains

If you own a domain spend the 2 min it takes to check the WHOIS information and make sure that your domain is not expiring and you will not loose it! - Look up: domain whois record, DNS records, network whois record, service scan, traceroute

IMPORTANT: Domain owners should know (many don't so they loose their domains) that if your domain is ON HOLD / in REDEMTION PERIOD you can not transfer it to another registrar and have to renew it with the registrar that holds it. Also most registrars will not allow transfer of a domain within 60 days of renewal date. So this is another good reason for you to check the WHOIS info for your domains!

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No Available Names

Expiring domains are now the place to look for the best domain names. We all know that trying to register a new .com or .net name is a tortuous and often fruitless process. You start off with grand visions of registering but after spending a frustrating hour being told all the names you short-listed are already registered, you either end up registering or nothing at all. But there is a better way...

Inactive Domains

Around 80% to 90% of domain names are inactive:

  • Many are or were being held by domain speculators who thought they would get rich registering hundreds of names - and most haven't been able to get rid of more than a few of them.
  • Some were being held by site developers for future development.
  • Others by big business who often can't even remember having registered them in the first place.
  • Tan there are some people who have lost interest in their project or have abandoned it for some time. (all the sites that are "Closed for Remodeling" or "Under Construction")

The good news is that for these very reasons, a huge number of these names, currently averaging more than 20,000 every day, are being returned to the available name pool. Why so? Simply because the original registrant hasn't paid to renew them. When this happens, most names are put on hold for approximately 45 days, after which they are available to be registered again by anyone.

So based on the absence of good available .coms and .nets, and the massive number of names expiring, the industry is booming. But the question is: how do you take advantage of this situation and register these expiring domains? And how do you possibly know when names you might like are about to expire?

There are hundreds of paid services that offer you the information about expiring and just deleted domains but as always there are also the rear FREE service that somebody is offering :) In this case I will not force you to search for it - here is the link

Bear in mind that whilst some of these names might be only useful to you, most of the decent names will be sought by several parties. To give yourself the best chance of grabbing the names you want you need to use a "name-grabbing" service. The leading player at the moment is SnapNames who provide an excellent service called SnapBack(TM). You can put a Snap-Back on any name/s you choose, and when that name becomes available for registration, SnapNames will attempt to register it for you. They cannot guarantee a successful registration, but they have excellent technology, and if they do happen to fail, you can transfer the Snap-Back to any other name free of charge.

Back-order domain names even before they expire!

Snapnames pioneered the "backordering" process. You can back-order names with them at any time. They have a great record of grabbing back-ordered names. And since there is only one back-order "slot" per name with Snapnames, you will NEED to back-order well before the expiry date for many valuable names. This is also a great way for the domain owners to buy an "insurance" that they will not loose their domain even if they forget to re-new it!

Understanding the domain name deletion cycle.

1 ) A domain name is registered for a fixed period of 1-10 years

2) As the expiry/renewal date approaches, the owner of the domain name is sent one or more reminders that they must pay the domain name renewal fee

3) If the domain name owner renews the name, then the domain name returns to its status in Stage 1)

4 ) At the renewal date, since the domain name has not been paid for and the registration has run out, the domain name is put on hold. The domain's nameserver information is deleted or modified to point to the registrar's homepage or to a page explaining that the domain name in question has expired.

Another effect of the "hold" being placed upon a domain name is that the domain name is no longer transferable to another registrar (for example, one with a lower renewal fee!)

5 ) Most registrars have a "grace period" (sometimes detailed explicitly on their site or by email, oftentimes applied without comment) after domain names have expired.

During that grace period, the original owner of the domain name can pay to renew their domain name (and hence remove it from "on hold" status and reactivate it). Some registrars may impose an additional administrative "penalty fee" to renew domain names during their grace period. If the domain name owner renews the name during the grace period, then the name returns to Stage 1)

6) At the end of the grace period, the existing owner can no longer renew their domain name and has lost all control over it. What happens next depends on the registrar...

Some registrars will delete the name immediately following the end of the grace period. Most will hold it for a certain additional time-period before releasing it. And some will change the ownership information on the domain name so that it becomes registered to the "Unpaid Names Department" or similar, and continue to hold the name for an extended period of time before it is finally deleted. .

Once a domain name has reached Stage 6) , it is about to return to the domain market i.e. it will once more become available for registration. If the domain name is considered valuable, there may be many interested parties lining up to try and grab it i.e. to attempt to secure it as it is deleted.

So what you can learn from this is:

  • You have a chance to register thousands of expiring domains a day.
    (only few are worth the effort)

  • If you have a good domain and fail to pay for renewal you will loose it!

  • Don't try to transfer to a new registrar a domain that is soon to expire - IT WILL NOT WORK. Don't believe anyone who tells you it will or you will learn it the hard way!
    (in most cases 60 days before expiration date you loose the ability to transfer and have to renew. There is NO way to transfer expired domains)

  • Use back-orders and domain monitoring tools to secure your domains or register the domains that are being deleted the moment they get deleted!


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