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Gamecube Jet Wheel Gamecube Jet Wheel
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gamecube disc gc romCopy GameCube Games

Nintendo GameCube uses 8cm Disc based on Matsushita's Optical Disc Technology. CG discs capacity is approximate. 1.5GB. Now because of this non standard dvd like storage media that Nintendo used it is practically impossible to copy them. Not that it would not be technically possible - but the costs involved would just too high Sorry to tell you this but you can no do it on a CD-R / CD-RW or DVD-R burner.

How to Copy GC Games

First to copy the gamez you would have to extract the game data files from Nintendo GameCube Games disc. But because PC CD rom or DVD roms can not read the CG format discs you would need a hacked GameCube with come cheats device to operate the consoles drive and read out files. The drive would have to be hooked up to a computer. AS you can understand that kind of hardware wouldn't be cheap as it would have to be custom made for this purpose.

Now I believe that would be the easy part as we come to the actual copying gamecube games that is where the biggest problems arise. There is no publicly available hardware to burn gamecube game discs. So that would have to be extracted from one of the Nintendo's factories

The best way to go is buy cheap or used gamecube games. Best of all Nintendo jut lowered the price of the GC down to $99 USD so now it is the cheapest of the new generation consoles!

So with no way to backup your games you must be careful not to scratch them but if you do damage the discs you could try contacting Nintendo:

Nintendo GameCube Disc Replacement

This i swhat Nintendo has to say about it : Big N can only offer assistance for discs with games made by Nintendo . For titles made by other company, you will need to contact that company to see if disc replacement options are available.

  • Game Disc is defective: (That's if it was shipped in such a condicion)
    If you feel your Game Disc is defective, and it is within the 90 day warranty period, please contact Nintendo's Consumer Service Department for assistance at 1-800-255-3700.

  • Game Disc is Damaged or Broken (Meaning you ar eto blame for it)
    If your NINTENDO GAMECUBE Game Disc has severe scratches or is physically broken, you may be able to purchase a replacement disc from Nintendo. Scratched and broken disks are not covered under the standard 90 day manufacturer's warranty. Please call Nintendo's Consumer Service department at 1-800-255-3700 for assistance.

The good news is that you can copy GAMEBOY ADVANCE games. Extract the gba roms to PC so you can play them in an Emulator or copy them from original Nintendo Gameboy cartridge to a gba flash card for playing on GAMEBOY

It is also possible to copy Super NES and NES (8bit) games. With a special emulator you can en play old NES 8 bit roms on Gameboy

GameCube Roms and Nintendo Wii iso GC games

Wavebird Wireless Controller (gray) Wavebird Wireless Controller (gray)

Break free of the wires! Plug in the receiver and experience the Wavebird--with the same control features of the regular controller, but with wireless game play up to 30 feet. The Wavebird wireless controller comes complete with 2-AA batteries and Wireless Receiver. Official Nintendo product.

USB Memory Adaptor 64M / 1019 blocks (for GamecubeT) USB Memory Adaptor 64M / 1019 blocks (for GamecubeT)

The USB Memory Adapter is the ultimate Save Game solution for any Game Cube owner. The 64M memory card can hold up to 1019 blocks of save data (which is 16 times more than a standard Memory Card 59 can hold). Furthermore with the supplied USB cable, the memory card can be connected to any PC for save data exchange. You can download your save games on the largest memory card (your PC harddrive), exchange them with friends and much more.

Skillz Cube Connection USB Skillz Cube Connection USB

N64 Emulation fans take a look, with the Skillz Cube Connection USB you can connect the Gamecube™ Controller to your PC or MAC. The Cube Connection supports DirectX and Force Feedback and works with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP as well as Mac OS. For multi games you can even connect two or more Cube Connections simultaneously. Drivers for a nice graphical testing enviroment are included.

Gameboy Player for GameCube (Spice Orange) Gameboy Player for GameCube

The Game Boy Player is a device for the GameCube console that enables gamers to play the whole library of Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance games on the console, using a GameCube controller or a GBA system plugged into the control port to control the on-screen action.

  • Allows to change aspect ratio of screen
  • Zoom mode to increase the picture quality
  • Filter mode to increase the picture quality
  • Presets can be saved
  • Controller buttons are configurable
  • Timer function
  • Plays Gameboy games
  • Plays Gameboy Color games
  • Plays Gameboy Advance games
  • The unit works on Japanese GameCube systems, or modified ones
  • Compatible with PAL and US Gamecubes when used with the Freeloader or Action Replay

Freeloader Advance Pack: includes Gameboy Player (Spice Orange) Freeloader Advance Pack: includes Gameboy Player

The Gamecube Freeloader turns your Gamecube machine into a multi norm unit. Finally you can play any kind of import game (JAP/USA/PAL) on any Gamecube machine (JAP/USA/PAL). You don't need to open your Gamecube for modification, don't need to worry about warranty problems and can expand your game selection by hundreds of new games.

  • Freeloader 1.06B bundled with Gameboy Player (Spice Orange)
  • With FreeLoader you can launch and play import GameCube games without modifying your console.
  • Compatible with all Gamecube machines (PAL/USA/JAP)
  • Play USA/JAP games on a PAL Gamecube machine
  • Play JAP/PAL games on a US Gamecube machine
  • Play USA/PAL games on a JAP Gamecube machine
  • Works with both single and multi-disc games! Version 1.06B

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