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GameBoy-Player : Game Boy on GameCube

Back in the old days when SNES ruled the video game world there was an add on for SuperNES called Super Game Boy. Super GB lets you play the GameBoy Black and White games on TV screen in color by mdifying the color palet of the game. GB games were actualy not Blac & Whte but used 4 shades of gray so on the TV you could select a differnt color for every shade + you coud define different palets for the background and another one for the characters in the game! The flaw to the Super GameBoy peripheral was that it couldn't connect to the portable version of the GameBoy.

Time went on - Nintendo 64 didn't have an official add-on to play GB/GBC games but there was a 3r party device to do that called N64 Game Booster that let you play old Gameboy favourites in full size TV using N64. Of course colour palette system allows to change regular Gameboy graphics into colour and in adicion to that it works as Action Replay Pro! I found that you can still buy Game Booster online! Look under Nintendo64 > Utilities & Tools

Today Nintendo has made a great add-on for GameCube - Gameboy Player.

Gameboy Player for GameCube (Platinum)
Buy now at

Using the Game Cube Game Boy Player you can finally play all your favorite Game Boy (standard, Color or even Advance) games on the big TV screen. The Game Cube Game Boy Player attaches to the bottom of the Nintendo Game Cube NTO which the game cartridge can be inserted. Games will be controlled either via the Game Cube Pad or using a real Game Boy Advance (an additional cable will be required).

The GameBoy Player is a device for the GameCube console that enables gamers to play the whole library of Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance games on the console, using a GameCube controller or a GBA system plugged into the control port to control the on-screen action.

  • Allows to change aspect ratio of screen - can play in full screen but the image will be a bit streched or select one of the on-screen borders and the iamge will look cisper.
  • Zoom and Filter mode to increase the picture quality
  • Presets / Settings can be saved.
  • Controller buttons are configurable
  • Timer function
  • Plays Gameboy GB/ Gameboy Color GBC / Gameboy Advance GBA games

The GameBoy Player plays over 1200 games for the original Game Boy, Game Boy Color and GameBoy Advance rom systems. Just imagine Metroid Fusion On your TV! Awesome!

See what Nintendo has to say about GB Player here!

Game Store : Gameboy Advance Accessories

NINTENDO has decided to fight piracy using ROMS!
Nintendo iQue Player (For SNES & N64 ROMs)

iQue Player with 64MB Flash Card w/ 2 games
Buy now at

That doesn't mean that you will see Nintendo releasing SNES roms and N64 roms in USA - New console (iQue Player) with reusale Flash Cards (similar to the ones used with GBA Flash Linker) for storing game roms will be released only in China. The only ay to get iQue is to import it!

The iQue Player (or in Chinese "Gods Playing Machine") is a new Nintendo console to be released November 2003. The controller-style console plugs directly into the TV and comes with a 64 Mega Bytes Flash Memory Card to store the games. Games are not available in the traditional way, but can be downloaded via Download Stations to the Flash Memory Card in Nintendo-affiliated retail, compact disc and bookstores throughout China. There are also plans to sell games online.

Nintendo DS, GBA and SNES Emulators for Mac OS X

  • Controller-Style console by Nintendo
  • Includes 64 Mega Bytes Flash Cartridge
  • Manufactured and sold exclusive in China
  • Plays customized SNES and N64 titles
  • Connects directly to the TV (NTSC format)

  • Advance Game Port (Alternative to the GC Gameboy-Player)

    Advance Game Port
    Buy now at

    Tired of cramped hands, dead batteries and strained eyes?

    Want to play Pokemon Ruby or Sapphire on the big screen?
    Advanced Game Port (AGP) lets you play your Game Boy Advance/SP games on your TV set! Simply slot the AGP cartridge into your GameCube console, insert a GBA/SP game cartridge, and start playing your favourite games in seconds.

    AGP is small, portable and lightweight, and it's so easy to use - just plug in and play. AGP is also compatible with Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire - it even maintains your real-time clock and save positions within GBA/SP games such as these. AGP is also lightning-fast - it loads your games in seconds!

    AGP is much smaller than Gameboy-Player from Nintendo and it plugs into your GameCube's memory card slot and allows you to play your GBA games using your 'Cube's control pad (including analog stick control).

    No Game Boy Advance or SP required! No extra power supply required! Right out of the box AGP contains everything you need to start playing your GBA/SP games on the big screen.

    All I can note is that a an alternative you can play the Gba roms on the big PC monitor with VisualBoy Advanced GBA/SP Emulator...

    Find PS2 XBOX PS GC Gameboy Advance Roms. New Games and emulator for all and every video game console at

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